Pray for conservation and the environment
March 20, 2021

In particular for biodiversity and climate change – both of which need more friends especially Christian friends to be aware and take action to change locally and globally.

Give thanks for the current Caring for creation zoom course in Lewes Churches Together regularly getting nearly 40 people. For the topics discussed and challenging them to change diets, consumer power, energy mix choices and advocacy by being active in campaigning for what we believe is important as Christians called to care – where Jesus is Lord of ALL creation.

Biodiversity – 25 UK organisations (including A Rocha UK) are petitioning Government to really care in polices to make a change by 2030. UK‘s record is sadly more about talk than action and has one of the most depleted Biodiversity Action Plans succeeding compared to other countries e.g. the hedgehog which is actually on the red list now. Also on a global scale many iconic species are in trouble – Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants. Pray for habitats to coexist with humans.

Climate change – Pray for the COP summit in the UK in November and that we would also get our own house in order to reduce carbon by 2050 (maybe a more ambitious target would get more respect?). The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Coalition (IPCC) is the regulatory body of 125 UN scientists who model Climate change have some stark figures. It is in everyone’s interests to keep global warming to an increase of 2 deg C by 2100 which will still be unprecedented. As it stands to day we are still increasing despite the rhetoric and likely to double to 4 deg C. They have said that 3 deg C increase would be catastrophic. We have all seen how the pandemic has mobilised the world to tackle a crisis (this one could be a bigger problem for humanity but is not perceived as such despite it effecting the financially poor today. It is perceived as something are children’s children will have to deal with.  Also pray for a Christian Climate Scientist (Atmospheric) called Katherine Hayhoe who influences many with her quirky videos called ‘Global Weirding’ just forward to any sceptics or conspiracy theorists. 

Finally pray and give thanks for the Spring equinox today and the beauty of the earth in all its Grand and Minutia scale. What a solace it has been in the last year especially during the first lockdown. That we will come out of this lockdown richer in what is important and sign up to more sustainable lives.

To sign a petition in support of conservation and the environment, click here.

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