South Downs Awakening 2020 – Lewes area


Welcome to our blog of local information for the Lewes sections of South Downs Awakening 2020.

If you’ve not heard of South Downs Awakening 2020, read on, then check out their website.

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South Downs Awakening 2020

The Vision

Prayer across the South Downs through July & August

Two years ago the Lord asked us to plan for 2020, to gather the churches in prayer, to walk the South Downs way in unity, to issue a call to arms – to see revival in every church and an awakening across the land.  … We now find ourselves in a unique time and situation … we feel Father God crying out, YES, … call my church, my people, to prayer and to walk the land, the time is NOW. There has never been a more important time to call my people and the church to pray for revival and awakening. We hold onto the scripture given: Joshua 1:3 ‘Every place the sole of your foot treads upon I have given to you’ this is what we are releasing as we walk the land in 2020.

… We are encouraging and calling the Church to prayer walk the South Downs in families or households through July and August … we will be providing online resources to equip, inspire and catch what God does through this time. The Church is dispersed into our homes, so we want to release South Downs Awakening as a call to arms for us all to press into God in prayer on the land in this unprecedented and unique national time.

… We will be providing resources online, including maps, how to prayer walk, ideas to engage all the family, key biblical and prophetic words to sow into the land, to declare, to bless, and to pray for every church and every community. We will be making available ways of feeding back prophetic words and testimonies during this time so that we can all catch God’s bigger picture. If you are a church leader, we are keen to offer you tools for your church community to be part of this. 

… Can you imagine if this summer thousands of us soaked the South Downs in prayer to see every church flourish in revival and an awakening across the land to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us join together as believers across this region and to cry out to God for an awakening.

The South Downs Awakening Team

Praying across the Land

  • two months – July 1st – August 31st 2020
  • one focus – the South Downs Way
  • plan your own routes when and where you choose
  • take one walk, or many, over the two months
  • walk a little or as much as you wish
  • cover one part of the South Downs Way, or several, or the whole thing
  • start and finish where you like, using the information we will provide to help you with access, parking, transport, etc
  • or, drive to a parking place on the South Downs Way and pray in your car
  • or, join us in prayer from your home
  • use the online resources to inspire and guide your prayers

Find Out More

    • watch the video and get inspired
    • check out the online prayer resources
    • visit the online prayer room
    • post your own stories and experiences of taking part
    • tune in to the Revival Conference – online from 3rd July
    • register on the website to be notified of updates

Get Involved

Get Praying

  • for God to move in Awakening
  • seek the Father’s heart and release His blessing on this land and, in faith, call it into being
  • revival begins with each one of us individually
  • ‘revive me, my family, my church, my community’

Spread the news

  • tell your friends and family about South Downs Awakening 2020
  • point them to the Call to Arms video on the SDA website, the Revival Conference, this blog

Take Part

  • Plan a route and get out walking and praying, any part of the South Downs Way, any time through July and August. 
  • There are prayer resources on the SDA website, and additional  resources on this blog. 
  • You can drive to a car park and pray in your car, you can pray from your home, you can pray online with others in a virtual prayer room on the SDA website. 
  • The prayer room and website are also where you can share your stories, your experiences, of praying and walking, to encourage others.
  • You can visit the online Revival Conference on the SDA website, for further inspiration.
  • Whatever you do, consider inviting a friend or two to join you – be church together.

South Downs Awakening is not about praying for something, so much as, it is the something. We may see a mighty move of God across the land, a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We may not. But as we pray for awakening, we will be awakened.

Coronavirus Precautions

  • You can be outside with other people who are not from your household
  • You must stay at least one metre (two metres is strongly recommended) apart from everyone who is not from your household
  • If using public transport you should wear a face mask
  • Stay safe, know you are blessed, and pray!

Using this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to give you some additional local information on South Downs Awakening 2020 in the Lewes area. Our coverage is part of the Day 2 east section, from Alfriston to Southease, and all of the Day 3 east section, from Southease to Plumpton.

As the South Downs Awakening website is developed, you will find some information about prayer locations in the Lewes area, and some advice for accessing the route. You will also find really useful general posts on prayer walking, children’s activities, and much more.

This blog provides additional local prayer points, prophetic words, scriptures, route navigation and access information. The posts can be downloaded as PDF files, for you to view on your phone while walking, or to print out. We’ve included photos, to help you feel you are at a location, even if you are praying from home.

This blog has been prepared by a team from Trinity Church, Lewes. We are the Partner Church for Day 2 (part) and Day 3, east.